Get involved

Whether you are part of an organization, a volunteer or simply wanting to offer a child the chance to study, if you are interested in helping RASD to achieve its objectives, there are several ways to do it. While you could participate in one of our ongoing programmes, we are also open in initiating new projects with you.

Contact by Email:

You can reach RASD Rxecutive Director Mr. Bwoogi Ignitius: / Telephone +256 772 923712 /+256754923712

or Programs Manager Mr. Mwebe Samuel +256 782 038 975


Over the past years, many volunteers and students have worked with the RASD. First, students from Africa or abroad are welcomed to undertake their bachelor or masters research projects with RASD. Second, recent graduates, along with students, also have the possibility to work as interns with RASD. Finally, even if you are not working directly with the RASD, you may contact us to find placements most especially for interns or volunteers willing to work with primary and secondary school children, Health centres and hospitals, or orphanages.


Although the RASD is involved in many programmes, it is always looking for new funding to materialize new ideas for developing the region and alleviating poverty. Therefore, any financial help would obviously be extremely useful. Moreover, importantly, the RASD has managed to obtain funds to pay the scholar fees of many orphans in the past decade. However, due to the high number of orphans in the district, the organization has not been able to afford as many scholar fees as it would have liked.

RASD would also like to stimulate social entrepreneurship in the villages to create jobs for the youth and small holder farmers. Any partner interested in working with us on the enterprise mentioned below is very welcome, and we will submit a full proposal.

Example of a project to support  entrepreneurship:

Small holder farmers in Buira village engaged in the growing of maize would like to participate in the maize value chain by setting up a maize mill in their village so they can be able to earn better prices from their maize by selling a finished product called maize floor. They would also retain maize brand as a by product for animal feeds and expand their incomes by rearing animals and poultry farming. Farmers would still use organic manure from their farms to increase productivity and better yields. Hey would be able to diversify their incomes by growing vegetables to available organic manure and improve on the nutrition as well.

Therefore, a maize mill enterprise would go a long way in changing lives of the rural poor and creating jobs in the village.

RASD is working on similar enterprises like sanitation marketing and village water marketing in order to have sustainable programs in place operated and maintained by the community but developed as a business model. The idea of giving out hand outs is not a sustainable approach to ending rural poverty.