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RASD's projects encompass general health improvement, assistance for orphans, water quality and availability, sanitation, Education and agricultural needs. RASD has received broad support from the community in the form of private donations, and volunteer efforts as well as from International organizations.

Some of our efforts have focused on education and outreach to the Mukono and Buikwe districts concerning agriculture, water, hygiene, sanitation and water handling all of which are related to the prevention of water borne disease. RASD is now very interested in social entrepreneurship and programs that create jobs for self sustainability of the rural people. RASD is focussing on helping small holder farmers participated in the market, value chain of their produce, and also developing a business model for water and sanitation marketing in the rural areas of Mukono and Buikwe districts. We remain focussed on education programs for orphans and vulnerable children so they can be self reliant in the future.


Our latest Agriculture Project

Medical Support

RASD was working on Wound care project with Suubi Reachout Foundation Netherlands. More information on the project is yet to follow.



As exposed in the problem analysis the supply of food in the Greater Mukono area is still a major issue. The RASD believes that agriculture should play a fundamental role in eradicating to malnutrition, death, and escalated poverty.

RASD partnered with UC Davis, Makerere University, Uganda Christian University and Mukono Zonal Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MUZARDI) to implement a three-year horticultural research project to promote the production and marketing of indigenous leafy vegetables to increase household incomes using the farmer field school (FFS) approach and participatory market chain approach (PMCA). In this respect, up to 34 farmers groups have been formed in Mukono and Buikwe districts.

RASD linked up with the Centre for Agribusiness Initiative (CABI) at Entebe NARO to implement a Good Seed Initiative project, focussing on production and marketing of indigenous vegetable seeds.


CABI facilitated capacity building of grass root farmers groups in seed production, seed storage, seed packaging and marketing. In collaboration with MANGO TREE, CABI and RASD, a Learning Aid was developed on Agronomy, Processing and Marketing of African Indigenous Vegetable Seeds. CABI also helped to make formal contacts with seed companies. For example, Nkokonjeru Seed Farmer’s Group is selling seed directly to SIMLAW Seed Company, BUSIBA Seed Company AND Victoria Seeds. Major focus is on Egg plants, Red Amaranths and Nakati seeds.

With funding from Frank Guan, a friend and former Volunteers, RASD set up a demonstration garden for Local variety of Passion fruits managed by the RASD project manager Mr. Mwebe Samuel with other Farmers in Kigulu Village on Nkokonjeru. RASD is coordinating the already existing Farmers Groups to grow more passion fruits which already have ready market with juice companies.

This will help to create jobs in the village and increase farmers’ incomes as one of the ways of ending rural poverty.

RASD Passion Fruit Demonstration garden at Kigulu Village Nkokonjeru

Water & Sanitation

The greater Mukono area still faces health disparities due to poor sanitation practices and water standards. Indeed, as a result of water-borne diseases, adults and children die of dehydration and other related complications. The RASD has recently carried out several projects to fight those problems through toilet construction, Rain water harvesting, building wells, repairing boreholes, and creating awareness on proper sanitation, hygiene and safe water handling and management.

RASD Recent water projects

Past projects



EWB Duke University

Completion of the Resource Centre

EWB Duke University

Furnishing the Resource Centre

US Embassy in Uganda (Self Help Grant)

Vocational Training

Duke University (Duke Engage)

Workshop and Internships for Duke students in Uganda

EWB UC Davis

Water and Sanitation

Peace Corp

HIV/AIDS Prevention through Education of the Youth

Makerere University

Agricultural Collaborative Research Project

Mukono Christian University

Agricultural Collaborative Research Project


Agricultural Collaborative Research Project

Real Uganda

HIV/AIDS Prevention through Education of the Youth

US Embassy in Uganda (Small Grants)

Water and Sanitation


Coffee Demonstration Plot




Coffee Processing Unit

Barnes Findley Foundation

Sponsorship for Orphans





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